viaForensics has just released our updated appWatchdog findings for mobile financial applications on both Google Android and Apple iPhone devices.  The findings cover smart phone applications from Bank Of America, Chase, TD Ameritrade, USAA, Wells Fargo and Vanguard.  Additional details can be found in Spencer Ante’s Wall Street Journal article Banks Rush to Fix Security Flaws in Wireless Apps.

Since Monday (11/01/2010), we have been communicating and coordinating with the financial institutions to eliminate the flaws.  The findings we published reflect testing completed on 11/03/2010.  Since that time, several of the institutions have released new versions and we will post updated findings shortly.

We applaud the effort several institutions put forth to quickly patch the vulnerability and protect their customers.  viaForensics hopes that our efforts help not only companies but users to protect their identity, financial data and other sensitive information.

For a broader background on our findings and ethical disclosure policy, please read our Summary of appWatchdog Findings.  For corporate and mobile app developers interested in more information about our innovative mobile security services, please visit our appSecure page.