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For many smartphone users it’s all about the apps.

“I’ve got Facebook, Twitter, and my Hotmail,” says smartphone user Jana Dunham.

Dunham says her favorite app is the one from her bank which allows her to check her finances.

But that app failed a test done by ViaForensics, a mobile security company.

“Most of the apps that we have tested store information in an insecure fashion,” says Andrew Hoog, the Chief Investigative Officer for ViaForensics.

ViaForensics has an app watchdog list on their website, showing which apps have passed their test and which ones failed to secure personal information.

ViaForensics encourages smartphone owners to use a trusted network, either the mobile carrier’s data network or a trusted WiFi connection. The company says a hacker can easily fake AT&T or Starbucks WiFi spot and steal information.

They also encourage user to put a passcode on their smartphones.

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