Made me smile to find the directory /data/dontpanic on Android phones.

I can image people reading much into this…could Google/Android be the ultimate guide to our universe?  Since we already know The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, maybe it’s simply a place to store dumps from the system:

    # Create dump dir and collect dumps.
    # Do this before we mount cache so eventually we can use cache for
    # storing dumps on platforms which do not have a dedicated dump partition.

    mkdir /data/dontpanic
    chown root log /data/dontpanic
    chmod 0750 /data/dontpanic

    # Collect apanic data, free resources and re-arm trigger
    copy /proc/apanic_console /data/dontpanic/apanic_console
    chown root log /data/dontpanic/apanic_console
    chmod 0640 /data/dontpanic/apanic_console

    copy /proc/apanic_threads /data/dontpanic/apanic_threads
    chown root log /data/dontpanic/apanic_threads
    chmod 0640 /data/dontpanic/apanic_threads

    write /proc/apanic_console 1

    # Collect ramconsole data
    copy /proc/last_kmsg /data/dontpanic/last_kmsg
    chown root log /data/dontpanic/last_kmsg
    chmod 0640 /data/dontpanic/last_kmsg